4 Tips for Having Great Sounding Vows In Your Wedding Video

One of the most special moments on your wedding day is the reading of your vows to your partner. For your wedding video, it is important to have your voice captured clearly. Writing custom vows is one of the best ways to make your wedding unique from any other. Below are 4 tips to ensure that your vows sound GREAT in your video.

Stand Close Together

During the ceremony, the groom will have a lav mic attached underneath his tie and connected to a pocket recorder. The audio from his voice will pick up really well no matter where he stands. For the bride, as long as you are standing within a few feet from your soon-to-be husband, your voice will be captured nice and crisp as well.

Project Your Voice

If you are a quiet talker, that’s ok, you’re voice will still be picked up. But the louder you project your voice, the better and clearer your voice will sound to both your wedding guests and for the final video.

Take Your Time

This is the day you’ve been looking forward to your whole life. Enjoy the moment and don’t feel like you need to rush through your vows. Take a breath and read at a slow and steady pace and your vows will sound great.

Hold Your Letter Steady

Along with taking your time, one thing to remember is to not fiddle around with your letter as the crinkling sound will be picked up and may distract slightly.

Follow these tips and your wedding vows will sound terrific. If you are interested in having BSR Wedding Films create your wedding video please let us know.

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